How to Overcome Arm Pump

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Suffering from Arm-Pump?

We all know that getting it ruins your race, but we also know that most riders don’t know how to reduce the likelihood of getting it.

Here’s the low down on the ‘race destroying’ condition…

1) The scientific name for arm pump is ‘chronic exertional compartment syndrome’

2) A very basic explanation of arm pump is the inability of blood to leave a rider’s forearm quick enough to be replenished with O2

3) As well as changing things like riding style and warming up before races – mental skills techniques can help you prevent arm pump occurring in the first place

4) Relaxation training is one technique we teach to reduce the risk of getting arm pump. The more relaxed you are, the easier the blood flows around a rider’s forearm

5) We have found that pre-and post-race massages significantly reduce the onset of arm pump in a race

6) There are several different physical exercises that you can do to reduce the likelihood of arm pump, including some that you can perform trackside as part of a pre-race warm up.

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